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Japan Film Makers Association


Japan Film Makers Association(JFMA) was established in 1995, as a cooperative association for independent film/video production of small and medium enterprises (Any entity which is a company whose capital or total amount of investment does not exceed fifty million yen (50,000,000 yen), or a company or an individual whose regular workforce does not exceed one hundred persons) in 1995.

It aims at the sound development of the movie production business, to engage in business in a cooperative manner based on the spirit of mutual support, and to make opportunity to conduct fair economic activities, thereby promoting voluntary economic activities and achieving an improvement in economic status.


・“SHINDO KANETO AWARD” for Young Director and Best Producer of the year.
・Accident insurance system to prepare for the risks of Film shooting.
・Organize seminars/study groups for development of the movie production business.
・Exchange of opinions with public organizations and related industry groups.
・Organize social gathering for the members and related industry groups.

Japan Film Makers Association

Address :  160-0022

                      1-10-3  1F,

Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

FAX  : +81-3-5315-0431

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